Food Relations

Across Europe, the number of food-related integration practices is growing, aiming at building sustainable processes of dialogue and mutual knowledge, creating relationships and opportunities for social and economic inclusion: urban and suburban community gardens, restaurants, catering services, new forms of social agriculture are some practices.

The project Food Relations is the European project aimed at strengthening the spaces for social participation, intercultural communication and the integration of Third Country Nationals in Europe, through the analysis, development and sharing of experiences that use food as a key medium for dialogue and inclusion.

Not Just Food

Discover the experiences of integration and social inclusion through the voices and memories of European and migrants involved in the four initiatives developed in the Project.

Project’s Research

Download the research that
maps and assess European good practices,
identifying common
challenges and opportunities.

Other Materials

Discover other presentations,
documents and good practices
discussed during
the project.

Your opinion counts!

Have you ever participated (as an operator or volunteer) in initiatives and projects promoting intercultural dialogue or social inclusion?
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Project's partners

Non-governmental organisation, secular and independent, founded in 1968 in Milan. ACRA is engaged in fighting poverty through sustainable, innovative and participative solutions and promotes a culture of dialogue, integration, intercultural exchange and solidarity.
The Hellenic network for agroecology, food sovereignty and land access. Born in Thessaloniki from the experience gained in years of collaboration with various formal and informal groups, organizations and academic world.
ABD-Association for the well-being and development of Barcelona is a non-governmental organization that defends the rights of people living in situations of social fragility, through projects centred on the person and the community aiming at promoting personal empowerment and social cohabitation.
Consortium of social enterprises, founded in 1988 in Milan, for a strategic development of the community. In 2016, five members cooperatives founded Passepartout, with the goal of creating a widespread and sustainable system of temporary housing and social support for underprivileged people.
Founded in 2016 in Milan with the goal of promoting sustainable activities and initiatives in favour of refugees and asylum seekers through the implementation of food-based projects, for intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.
Association for the research and promotion of sustainable food systems and of German regional and local economies, from Freiburg. It has experience since 2014 in the research and spreading of local and organic cultivations and in projects of integration and intercultural exchanges through food and agriculture.


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foodrelations @ acra .it